March 21st, 2012

Punto & British Cycling Partnership

Fiat UK have teamed up with British Cycling in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics, taking this opportunity to promote the launch of the Fiat Punto and the special edition GBT.

Yuki produced a series of standard banners to be utilized across sites such as Talk Sport and the Guardian featuring British hopeful Geraint Thomas and the new models. Our aim was to promote the partnership between the 2 brands, as well as the (sometimes strained) relationship between cyclists and motorists.

These versatile banners developed into an interactive pursuit reminiscent of old school arcade games, harnessing Flash Player 10ʼs 3D capability. Clicking through the banner, competitors – represented by Geraint Thomas – can furiously use their keyboard to keep up with the Fiat as it pulls away. Have a go – faster fingers win!

Yuki built a facebook tab devoted to this campaign. It featured the game and space on which competitors can post their scores on a leaderboard, on their own page, and invite their friends to play. Competition prizes included a cycle helmet signed by Geraint himself, and various cycling accessories – wireless cycle computers, front and rear cycle lights, water bottles and cages.



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Punto City Sprint game: Expandable banner placements & Facebook game with leaderboard.



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Standard Banner: MPU 300×250