April 16th, 2013

Beau Pomme Online Store

Beau Pomme is an Australian owned and operated online store for glowing mums-to-be. It provides a handpicked selection of the most beautiful maternity wear and baby clothes, as well as stunning unique gifts sourced from all over the world.

The brief for Yuki was straight forward – create a beautiful looking eCommerce site, which integrates seamlessly with an easy to use back-end admin interface.

Taking into consideration the nature of Beau Pomme’s business, we have opted for soft tones and a muted colour palette to complement the product and the company logo. The fluid layout for the website allows for dynamic resizing for optimal viewing on desktop, tablets and mobile devices. The eCommerce back-end allows for easy content and stock management by the client, in addition to simple order tracking and payment processing.

“Working with Yuki Media allowed us to be specific in our direction of what we wanted to achieve for our website despite us being based in Australia. Our principle aim was to develop an appealing site which was user friendly. We also wanted a uniform feel and a soft edge thus appealing to those either pregnant or looking for baby clothing or gifts. We worked with a few of the designers along the development process, all of whom were extremely efficient and creative. We are delighted with the end result and have received positive feedback from our customers about the look and functionality of the site.”

Jane McAteer
Proprietor Beau Pomme