December 2nd, 2011

MITO QV Aquabatics

Alfa Romeo were looking to run some campaign activity through their social media channels to promote the top of the range MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde. They didn’t know what or how, and asked Yuki for some inspiration.

We responded to this very open brief with a never before attempted world record stunt. Over 2,500 balloons filled with water were used to construct a large scale version of the iconic Alfa Romeo logo. Professional stunt driver Terry Grant then mercilessly destroyed all but 4 of them using the power and precision of the MiTo QV. This produced some amazing footage, which our friends over at The Big RD directed and edited down into teaser and full-length videos.

To generate interest in the stunt, Yuki devised a Facebook competition which allocated each entrant a grid space. If one of the surviving balloons filled your space at the end of the stunt, you were the lucky winner of a track day in the car.

+ Over 1.5 million views within youTube
+ Over £165,000 in free publicity
+ Over 650 test drive requests

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